Preparing the traditional Danish lunch

August 16th, 2008 by UFO in Denmark, EILC

During the whole week we worked on a project – prepare a traditional Danish lunch. At first, we had to find out, what it even is, what and when should we serve etc.

We were divided into two main groups:

  1. Food group – That was the group I belonged to. We were supposed to interview (or interrogate) people in the city about typical food served for the traditional lunch. Another task was to find all recipes on the internet (Danish) and translate them to English.
  2. Music group – They had to find out what kind of music Danes listen to, prepare a hit list a play some samples of Danish music during the lunch.

Meat balls and red sausages

After first day of work, we finally had our „menu“:

  • Hering
  • Home made French bread and rye bread, vegetable pie
  • Meat balls (several kinds) and falafel
  • Shripms, tuna and varios types of salads
  • Sausages, cheese, pancakes

On Friday it was quite a job to prepare everything for approximately 55 people, but we managed to do it. In the end we all had a very delicious lunch.


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