Trip to Sweden

August 18th, 2008 by UFO in Denmark, EILC, Traveling

Yesterday we took a journey to Sweden. It was very spontaneous, we decided to do so during the breakfast. So after we finished eating, we packed our things and headed towards Malmö (by two cars, ten people).

Oresund bridge was really spectacular! It definitely is a masterpiece among the bridge constructions. Its only drawback is the price for passage, cost for one car is 260 kr. (one-way).

Our first stop was Malmö. We just walked throughout the city streets and looked at the stuff served at stands there. Since we had not any Swedish money, we just looked and smelled all the delicious things. After we were tired of walking, we sat down into Burger King and had very healthy lunch.

After the lunch we drove do Trelleborg. We just stopped there to see the beach and then continued along the coast to Ystad.

Ystad is a small, but quite beautiful town. We enjoyed our stroll there and bought some food in local „Jednota“ (coop) store. I was very suprised when I found out that they sold Staropramen (as a Czech premium beer), but for 12,50 kr. per 0,33 liter bottle.

In the evening we stopped at some beach for a while and then headed back home. It was a very nice day.


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