August 31st, 2008 by UFO in Denmark

This weekend I'm just relaxing end enjoying to explore my new neighbourhood. There is the Odense zoo nearby, so I took a bike and rode there.

The zoo looks very natural, there are lot of trees everywhere and very few cages (except for the animals like tigers and such). The things I like the most are:

  • Large aviary with tropical birds and large parrots.
  • West Indian Manatees (or „Sea cows“) – just see the photo gallery and you will know, why they are called like that.
  • The penguins :-).

Penguin fascinated by all the people behind the glass.

The penguins was the best animals for me, they looked really cute. After I came back home I took something to eat and headed to the park, because some Lithuanians had a barbecue there. In fact, sitting in a park and having barbecue on a one-time-use-grill is a typical Danish leisure activity. For me, it was another well-spent afternoon in Denmark.


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