Cottage trip

September 15th, 2008 by UFO in Denmark

Erasmus student network organizes several trips for the exchange students during the semester. First of them was the cottage trip.

On Sunday morning we traveled by two buses (approx. 90 people) to the town Dalby situated in the northern part of Fyn. We stayed in the Dalby high school building. After we unpacked our things, there was a competition prepared for us. We had to walk through the 7 km long track and stop on marked checkpoints to do some action. Actions involved:

  • Beer relay: run to the can, run 10 times around the can, drink the can (and earn extra „respect points“ if you drink everything), run back.
  • Playing football almost blindfolded with perfored plastic cups (see photos).
  • Making the longest chain from our clothes. This was pretty tough in temperature below 15 degrees and strong wind. I really felt like an icecube.
  • Jumping through the prepared track with both legs inside a garbage bag.
  • And some other…

Example of Danish nature

When we finished the competition, we were really frozen and exhausted. Fortunately the dinner was ready for us very soon. After the dinner we had a party „till you drop“ with cheap beer and drinks.

The trip was well organized, I really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to the next one. Now I need to catch up my lack of sleep…


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