Danske Bank S01E03

September 16th, 2008 by UFO in Denmark

Yes, the series continues!! Now with even more thrilling story…

I finally found the papers from the bank in my mailbox yesterday. It contained covering letter, two copies of the contract and large user guide, everything completely in Danish (ja, selvfølgelig). I took the contracts and rode to the danske bank branch in the centre of Odense. I showed the contracts to the clerk, she read through, just as she saw something like it for the first time, and told me, where should I sign it. So far, so good.

After I signed it, it happened something, I would not have expected in my worst nightmare. She said to me that I should send the papers to them by post (WTF!!? #4). I had to catch my breath, because that was simply too much for me. When I told her, that I am really angry about all of this, she replied that she would send it by herself. Fine, at least something good.

Now I am really curious about what will happen next. Everything should arrive by post (how else), so I will be waiting. I have to take it as a training of my skills for dealing with bureaucracy.

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