Facing the Danish institutions

September 10th, 2008 by UFO in Denmark

When you will face the danish institutions, you have to be well prepared for that. It is very easy to snap, lose your sanity and become institutionalized :-).


  1. Odense Kommune – I arrived there just before the opening hours (10.00). I was very lucky, because I was among the first people that got served. So in approximately twenty minutes, after I filled in some forms, I got my CPR number.
  2. Police station – I tried to report a stolen bike, but in Denmark, if you don't have some bike registration number, you can't even write a police report.
  3. Jobcenter Odense – This is the place I was supposed to registred for the Danish language school. Opening hours of the office are very unfriendly: Tuesday 10–12 and Thursday 15–17. Fortunately I was quick enough to fit into this small time frame. I signed some paper and received a payslip for 500 kr.
  4. Post office – No problem there, just 15 kr. fee for sending the money seems too much for me.
  5. Danske Bank – The bank is usually open from 10.00 to 16.00. I arrived there at 12.40. After I waited a while in a queue, I told the woman at the desk that I would like to open a new bank account. She replied that it was too late to do all the paperwork (WTF? #1) on that day and I should come on the next day to sign the papers. When I asked about the account for the young people from 18 to 27 years, she didn't even know that they provide such service (WTF? #2). I was tired and didn't want to argue about it, so I went home.


Danske Bank (second try) – Today in the bank there was no queue. I asked, whether the papers was ready. The woman at the desk was very confused and seached almost the entire office for them. After a while she said „one moment“ and disappeared for almost ten minutes. When she came back, she said to me that they had sent the papers to me by mail (WTF?! #3).

Now I am seriously considering to tear the papers (as soon as they arrive) to pieces and go try my luck to another bank.

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