The day in Roskilde

September 12th, 2008 by UFO in Denmark

Yesteday I went to Roskilde to visit my friends and to take a bike I had left there. I had some minor problems with the travelling. When I changed the train at Roskilde station, they cancelled its next two stops (yes, they did). I just saw the university passing by. When I finally arrived to Høje Taastrup, I went to the ticket office and talked to the guy there. He wrote some magic Danish words on my ticket and I could go back to the right station without buying another ticket.

My journey was about one hour longer, but I came at the right time, there was some kind of party in the RUC campus, so I immediately took part of it.

My precious piece of scrap metal

On the next day I hardly got up and rode my bike to Roskilde, where I took the train back to Odense. I liked that trip and I think I will probably go there again some day.

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