Trip around Odense

September 28th, 2008 by UFO in Denmark

Today we got lucky with the weather. The Sun was shining almost all day, there was only light wind and temperature around 18˚C. We decided to take a small bike trip around Odense, so we took our „mighty GPS“ (small, a little bit useless map of bike roads) and went towards unexplored lands :-).

Very nice windmill

When we arrived to the beginning of the Odense fjord, we decided to take a shortcut. The word shortcut really fulfilled its definition, it means the way back home was at least three times longer. Fortunately we found Burger King on the way and could replenish our energy with good healthy meal.

It was a very nice day, we had a great time. But next time we should bring a proper map, so Inese would not feel lost with us ;-).


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