Trouble with Finnair

September 2nd, 2008 by UFO in Traveling

In the middle of October I am going to pay a visit to my friend Pavel to Lappeenranta, Finland. Yesterday I tried to book and pay for the flight tickets from Copenhagen to Helsinki on the Finnair's site. Everything seemed fine, but after a while I received both email and sms that my credit card payment cannot be processed and I should contact Finnair help desk or my reservation will be automatically cancelled in 24 hours.

I didn't want to call there, so I waited a day and tried again today. Again at first it seemed fine, no sms or no email with description of faliure. But after several minutes, I was in the exact position as I was yesterday. So I said to myself I would call the help desk.

I bought, for the first time, a €10 skype credit (with a credit card Finnair wasn't able to accept :-D) and made a call. After approximately three minutes long talk with some Finnish woman I finally achieved something… to cancel my reservation.

I was really pi**ed off, so I decided to try it another way, through Czech company „Královna“. Under five minutes I had my ticket, booked and paid for. The price was a little bit higher (+€5), but at least it was without any problems.

Now I am only looking forward to this trip.

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