Back to Odense

October 20th, 2008 by UFO in Traveling

I am finally back in Odense. The journey has been quite long, 11 hours in total. I traveled its first part (Lappeenranta → Helsinki) in Pendolino train. Actually, it was two Pendolino trains in one, but still it was not enough for all the people. I tried to buy a seat reservation, but the train was hopelessly full.

Pendolino trains in Finland is better comparing to the Czech Republic. It is not only used as the eye candy, but as the fast mean of transport. On tracks between Lahti and Helsinki we went at speed of 220 km/h, that is something Czech railways can only dream of.

I flew with this, Embraer E-170

Rest of the journey was more or less all right. At the Copenhagen airport I just ran into the first train I saw and than discovered that it is a right one :-).

During the week holiday I traveled over 2100 km by trains and 1850 km by planes. I really liked it and I think it is not my last visit to Finland.

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