Danske Bank S01E04

October 8th, 2008 by UFO in Denmark

Today I got things moving. Since I didn't receive anything in last three weeks, I went to the bank, again, to ask, what was going on. I have a bad luck, almost every time I go there, I talk to the same woman. When I explained my problem (in a polite way, of course), she disappeared and brought the financial advisor, so I entered another level of discussions :-).

The people at the cash desks don't know anything about banking, they even don't know which products the bank offers and some of them seem disgusted with their work. But your only option is to deal with them and have strong nerves. But on the other hand, the financial advisor was exactly the type of person I am used to meet in banks. He said he was very sorry and that he didn't know what could happen, but he offered the solution of creating the new contract, that I would sign tomorrow.

So I hope, from tomorrow everything will be all right.

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  1. kuba Says:

    so gut luck, maybe one day you'll have your own danish bank account :) IWBTHG helps you with patience,doesn't it ;)

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