Journey to Finland

October 14th, 2008 by UFO in Traveling

The holiday just began, so I decided to spend it by visiting my friend Pavel in Lappeenranta, Finland. On Monday morning, just before 6 o'clock, I left Réka's place (thank you again for keeping me there :-D) and began my journey.

At the train station I encountered a small problem, the ticket machine rejected to accept my credit card. After a few tries I hardly find 20 kr in coins to buy at least a ticket for half of the way. When I was changing to the metro I bought the ticket for the other half. At the airport everything was all right, I was just tired.

When I arrived to Helsinki airport, I went directly to the baggage claim. I was very lucky, because my baggage was among the first that came out of the conveyor belt. They didn't care so much about proper handling, so my suitcase looked like they tossed it out of the airplane just before landing. At least, it was not lost :-D.

My next stop was Tikkurila station, the closest station to the airport. I came to the ticket office and said that I would like to buy a InterRail ticket for Finland. She just looked me and said: „Noo, we don't sell it here, go to Helsinki.“ Ok, fine. So I went to Helsinki and I knew that I need to be very quick, otherwise I would not catch the train to Lappeenranta. Fortunately I managed to buy it and catch the train with a large time reserve (between 4 and 5 minutes :-D).

Pavel at Lappeenranta train station

When I got off the train and met Pavel, I decided to take a bus instead the long walk. The problem with buses is, that they will not stop unless you push the stop button. But that is quite difficult if you do not know where exactly you should get off. Pavel had a bicycle, so I needed to go alone. When the bus came, he explained everything to the driver and told him to notify me when my station is near.

Just after Pavel left, the driver changed with another one. What a nice surprise! I tried to describe it to the new one more or less the same way as I had heard before. The driver said: „fine, I will tell you.“ But that never happened and when I asked how far it was, she just responded: „Oh, I forgot about you, but I am going back in a while and I will tell you for sure this time“. At least I had a great opportunity to do sightseeing and take a nice shortcut through the terminus station. On the way back I saw Pavel on the bike, he was waving at me. I interpreted it in a way that I should got off on the next station. Wrong again :-). Then I just stopped and did not move, I did not want to be lost more than I had been. When Pavel found me, we just laughed to my traveling luck while walking to the dormitory for another 15 minutes.

Anyway, I came to Lappeenranta at the right time, because in the evening there was a „Swiss party“. Bunch of Swiss people were making a lot of specialties. It took place in a cottage near the lake. There was many people to meet. The food was just delicious, the beer was drinkable. We even went to warm up to the sauna and then jump to the cold lake that had around 5 degrees. I really enjoyed the evening and I am looking forward what will happen in the rest of the week.


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