Trip to Stockholm

November 29th, 2008 by UFO in Traveling

Three weeks ago, we decided to go to Stockholm for a weekend. On Friday 21st we took a plane from Copenhagen to the capital city of Sweden. Because of the snowstorm over Arlanda airport the plane was delayed, but it was not a problem to check in at the hostel.

Next morning we got up early and went towards the central station to buy the Stockholm card („free“ public transport and entrance to almost every museum). At 9 o'clock we were almost the only people in the streets, because it was snowing very heavily. After buying the card, our tour could start :-). During the next days we visited a lot of museums, the Royal palace and the city hall.

I also experienced a very improbable/im­possible meeting (again :-D). My friends Pavel and Juli (Erasmus students in Finland) just happen to be in the city at the same time. We talked over the phone and arranged a meeting at the Royal palace after changing guards event. But we bumped to each other in the streets before that. Yes, Europe is very small.

The whole trip was really amazing, except the way back. We came to the airport just before 4 o'clock in the afternoon just to know, that our flight was cancelled and the new one flew at 20.15. So we waited and waited. In the end, the flight was delayed for another 45 minutes. The train from Copenhagen was delayed too, so we were back in Odense at 2 o'clock in the morning instead of 22.30 :-).


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