Weekend in Berlin

November 11th, 2008 by UFO in Traveling

People from the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) organized for us a trip to Berlin, the capital city of Germany. It was quite a large trip, over 130 people attended. On Friday morning (6.45, so maybe it still is night) we sat down into the buses and started our 10 hour journey. Along the way we stopped at the border shop to buy some stuff. The prices were much lower than in Odense, so many people bought a lot of beer and/or other kind of alcohol.

After the arrival to Berlin we checked in to the hostel next to the zoo train station. It was a very good spot, because it is situated almost in the centre of the city. Then we went to the city. At first we walked to the Victory Column, then we continued to the Brandenburg Gate. There we split up, everybody was very hungry. Our small group (me, Ignas, Rob and Christian) finally ended in McDonald's at the Alexander Platz (it is really not near, check the map).

Our next stop was a near pub. I do not remember its name, but I remember that they were brewing their own beer. It was very good, we drank about 13 litres of it :-P. On the way home we took a train, so it was much more comfortable than walking.

To wake up the next morning was very terrible experience, but after breakfast I was more or less all right. On that day we were walking about the city. We saw many interesting places like Potsdamer Platz, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Checkpoint Charlie and some other. We also visited the Berlin TV tower. It was really a magnificent view from that, although the weather was a little foggy.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Sunday was the day we were supposed to leave. When we arrived to the assembly point, only one bus instead of two was there. Couple minutes passed and we got to know that the second bus was stuck on the ferry and was not coming. So the driver of the other bus made some calls and after a half hour we sat down into the „Berlin City Tour“ bus. Unfortunately, this bus could not cross the Danish border, so we needed to change, but that was just a little detail.

I really enjoyed the weekend in Berlin and I am looking forward to similar trips.


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