My new bike

December 13th, 2008 by UFO in Denmark

I have finally felt so sick of riding the piece of junk I own that I decided to buy something better as a Christmas gift for myself :-). I bought one almost unused from my friend Megan, who was leaving home to USA and could not take the bike with her. I really like it, I can achieve the same speeds with half the effort and it does not make weird sounds while riding.

My new bike, Mustang mudslide :-D

Unfortunately, it did not stay „new“ for long. Just after one day I made too sharp turn and made very nice slide on the icy tarmac (in fact, not so nice). I am more or less fine, just my wrist hurts a little. The bike survived too, with minor scratches and broken front reflecting light :-). Next time I will try to be more careful…

2 Responses to “My new bike”

  1. kuba Says:

    next time try more powerslides :)

  2. UFO Says:

    Sure I will, but first I need to sign up for the drifting school :).

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