Here I am, on the road again

January 3rd, 2009 by UFO in Denmark, Traveling

After spending marvelous Christmas with my family and „exhausting“ new year celebration I have to leave Ostrava and head back to Odense.

Main street in Ostrava-Poruba at night :-)

My journey is starting tomorrow at 5.36 in the morning. I am taking my chances (or let's say, lottery) with Czech Railways. After my expected arrival to the airport I have got only 35 minutes to check-in. Please cross your fingers for me :-).

Update 4.1.:

The journey was more or less as expected. Czech Railways surprised with only 10 minutes delay and the Sky Europe flight was on time too. Only annoying thing was my suitcase. On my last flight home it was a little bit trashed in a way that I could not use the handle. Of course I found it out just before leaving my place. It was very „funny“ to drag it through the entire centre of Odense, especially during heavy snowing that is very unlikely here.

The impossible – Snow in Odense

The snowy football field and rooftops are nice to look at, but I hope it will melt till tomorrow, because I need to ride a bike to the shop :-).

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