Visit of my friends

February 16th, 2009 by UFO in Denmark, Traveling

My friends Kuba, Kate, Peter and Marta decided to come here for a weekend to visit me. Unfortunately, Marta got sick, just a day before they were supposed to go, and stayed at home :-(.

The others started travelling on Friday early morning. After approximately ten hours they were here, quite quick. They were all quite tired, so we did not do anything „difficult“, just playing table football, pool and drinking gira and beer :-). We also could not omit to go to the larmer bar (in the basement of our dormitory).

Next day the weather was exceptional. Blue sky and Sun, it was sooo strange ;-). After we got up, we picked up Jenda and went all together to Copenhagen. On the way we needed to pass the Great Belt Bridge. It was magnificent and also really expensive, one way costed 215 kr. In Copenhagen we firstly walked through the centre, then we headed towards the Little Mermaid.

The Great Belt Bridge

After seeing this famous statue we walked back to the car parked in the city centre. On the way we ate lunch/dinner in the worst McDonald's I have ever seen. Not mentioning the mess everywhere, they worked really slow, we waited for almost fifteen minutes to get the food. Plus, at first they did not have coffee. Then, they had coffee, but no sugar and no milk :-). Really good standards there :-). In the evening we again played table football and also visited Larmer to try the „delicious“ Odense pilsner :-).

Today the weather changed back to normal – overcast, snowing and everything wet. We just went to see the city centre of Odense, but on Sunday it is completely dead, except some Danes drinking beer in the alleys.

I appreciate that they came here. I thank them for the visit and hope that enjoyed it here.


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