Week in Lithuania

February 10th, 2009 by UFO in Lithuania, Traveling

In the beginning of February I went to Lithuania to visit my girlfriend Alina for a week. The journey there was quite all right, except the fact I needed to get up at 2 o'clock in the morning. For some reason I could not sleep in the train, but I took a nap during the whole flight :-).

Alina and Antanas were waiting for me at the airport. When I stepped out of the terminal, I felt a temperature shock. In Denmark there was around 0 degrees, in Vilnius –17. Hopefully, Antanas took us to the central bus station by car. He also showed us, how to do wheelspin and burn tires even on a very icy parking lot (shit happens, forgot a handbrake :-D). At the bus station we took a bus to the edge of Vilnius.

First day we spent at place of the Alina's friend, Rita. We also went for a trip to Trakai, which is a historic region with a lot of lakes and a castle. It was very freezing weather, so our trip was short. In the evening we went to the cinema for the movie „Yes Man“. When we woke up, we went to see the city centre. It was still freezing, but we survived that ;-).

Vilnius Cathedral

In the afternoon we travelled by bus to Alina's home town, Visaginas, where we spent another three days. It is rather small town, but it has much to offer, so we had lot of fun. It is also close to a very big lake. As you can see, the weather was not suitable for swimming so much, just for walking on the ice :-).

Frozen Visaginas lake

Our next stop was Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania. We met our friends from Denmark Antanas and Vaida there. In the evening we again went to the cinema, this time for the movie „Doubts“ and then to the hill to observe Kaunas at night. Next day we walked through the city. I have to say, it was much more beautiful in the night :-).


From Kaunas we travelled back to Vilnius. The bus stopped absolutely everywhere, so the journey took about four hours. In the night we explored Vilnius old town. We went to see it again on the next day again, it was my last day there. I was quite in a hurry to go shopping and then catch my flight and I did not have enough time to see a lot.

Just before leaving I bought lot of stuff that is hard to get or awfully expensive in Denmark: alcohol, frying pan for our kitchen and a big light bulb (12 cm) to my room. At the airport security check they really had fun because of me. After I put the baggage into the X-ray, the security people were looking at the monitor and laughing. Then the woman asked me to open the bag. She took the light bulb and said something like: „Hey, he's really got a lamp here“ :-D. I asked if it was a problem and she replied that it was not, but it was highly unusual.

The plane had a delay of 25 minutes because of some problems on the Copenhagen airport. Because of that I missed my direct train and had to wait at the Copenhagen central station for more than half hour.

During the stay I tried various meals, mostly Lithuanian specialities, but also some Russian stuff. Is was really delicious :-P. Now I am a little bit disgusted with just looking at the Danish food (poor taste, high price).

The trip was amazing, I had lot of fun and I hope am going to return there very soon.


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