Going to school

March 24th, 2009 by UFO in Denmark

Today I forced myself to go to see the lecture ;-). The weather in the morning was really exceptional, the Sun was shining very intensively and by looking outside one can tell that the spring finally came. I decided to take my camera to school with me, because so far I did not take almost any picture there :-).

But the nice weather had a catch, it was Danish weather. So immediately I got out of the dormitory, the strong cold wind surprised me (later I checked, the temperature was +2, with wind –4). While cycling to school I verified the saying that when you are cycling in Denmark, the wind is always blowing to your face.

Engineering faculty at SDU

I arrived to school, took some pictures and went to the classroom. Just after the lecture started, I looked out of the window. What I saw, shocked me. The nice „hawai“ weather changed into the crazy snowstorm :D. But when the lecture ended, it was sunny exactly like before. The Danish weather is simply „incredible“ :-).


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