May 1st, 2009 by UFO in Traveling

The holiday in the Czech Republic were short, I wanted it to be longer. But I did not have to wait for long. In one week after I returned to Denmark, me and my friends headed together to Barcelona. We took a Ryanair flight from Århus to Girona. Everything went well, just the price 90 kr. for the airport bus was, like always in Denmark, very disappointing.

After arriving to Girona we rented a car for one day. It took quite some time to overcome all the paperwork, but in the end we got the keys. Our destination for the first day was Montserrat mountain and the monastery there. After some misunderstandings and swearing because of the dumb GPS, we found our way to the lower station of the train going uphill. The ride by the train was spectacular, very nice views along the whole way. On the top it was even more beautiful (just see the pictures), I don't understand how they could build something so big so high. We walked around the place for almost two hours. Unfortunately, we did not visit the museum, because it was closing when we arrived.


When we had enough of great views, we took the train back down and went to Barcelona. The timing was the „best“ we could choose. We arrived to the city 15 minutes before a start of a Barcelona home football match. I have never seen so big traffic jam before. The funny thing was, that after the match started, the streets were totally empty, no cars, no people :-D. Everybody was watching the match in the pub or at home. We found our hostel quite easily, put our things there and went to visit closest Burger King for a dinner :-).

On the next day after waking up and having a big breakfast at the hostel we hit the streets. Our first destination was Camp Nou, the FC Barcelona stadium. I am not so big fan of football, but seeing the stadium for 100 000 people (more than half of Odense), was amazing. From the stadium we went to the Montjuïc hill to see a lot of parks, Olympic stadium and a castle. In order to see everything, we climbed the hill up and down like three times. I was quite exhausted after that. In the evening we moved to another hostel in the city centre. It was not so nice as the first one, but everything was in the walking distance from it.

Overview of Barcelona

We reserved the third day to see the Gaudi's buildings. We saw lot of them and also visited La Pedrera (with its strange roof) and of course the famous Sagrada Familia. From there we moved to the Park Güell, the park that contains lot of Gaudi's buildings. Everything was really nice, including the weather, that was very warm.

Desination for the last day was Arc de Triomf and the Old Town. We were quite tired of walking after previous days, so we just saw the most famous places (according to the guide) and went to the marina and beach. The temperature of the sea was not exactly for swimming, but we stayed on the beach for a while. When the weather started to be windy and cold, we went back to the centre and sat down to the pub.

Arc de Triomf

The rest of the time in Barcelona was just a long waiting for a bus to the airport. We did not have a hostel for that night, because the bus departed at 3.15. The journey back was full of waiting for something. Since midnight we were waiting at the bus station, but at quarter past one the security closed the lobby and we had to wait another two hours outside. Then we waited another two hours for the flight and then half an hour for the train to Odense. I arrived to my dormitory at 1 o'clock in the afternoon.

Despite the complicated journey back, I liked the trip very much. Barcelona is a great living city. For sure it was not my last visit there.


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