May 23rd, 2009 by UFO in Denmark, Traveling

I could not be in Denmark without visiting the Legoland at least once. And I also liked to play with lego very much, when I was a child. On Tuesday me and Alina got up early morning and took a train to Vejle and then bus to Billund get there. The weather was quite good in the beginning and we were glad for that.

Model of Frederikshavn

After seeing many models, some of them amazing and magnificent, we started to enjoy the rides. In the park there are small and big roller coasters and many other smaller attractions like boat cruises, small trains, 4d cinema (that was really cool :-D) and water splash attractions. We left the latter for the end, because we did not want to walk around the park in wet clothes.

Since we were in Denmark, it had to rain at least once per day like in a rain forest. After a while of walking in the rain we were wet anyway, so we did not mind at all being splashed. But before the water attractions we tried the attraction „Power Builder“, from which you can see the picture here. It worked really simple: you come, select „difficulty“ from wild to wildest, select some moves that a robotic arm should do with you and go to sit there and enjoy. We chose the wildest difficulty and selected the moves that seemed quite normal. After sitting we quickly realized that it maybe seemed normal on the screen, but in the real it was more crazy that we had imagined, so instead of screaming we laughed the whole time because of that surprise :-). If there had not been such long queue, we would have gone again for sure.

Me & Alina on the „Power Builder“

We visited and tried everything and we went home. At first we were freezing at the bus stop, so it was really pleasing to sit inside the warm bus. We were very lucky with the train, fortunately we came to the platform in the same minute it arrived.

Except the weather, I enjoyed the trip very much, it was worth seeing so many lego bricks and try the attractions.


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