Visit to Helsingør

May 14th, 2009 by UFO in Denmark, Traveling

Last Friday I wanted to use one day of my InterRail ticket for Denmark. After some considerations I picked Helsingør like a target. I got up early morning and took the train to Copenhagen, where I needed to change to a regional train doing all the way to Helsingør and stopping everywhere. Fortunately, the whole journey took me less than three hours.

After I got off the train, I went to see the city centre and buy something to eat. Since it was holiday, it was almost impossible to find some open shop there. The only shops open were the ones with wine and liquor because of the Swedish people taking the ferry and buying cheaper alcohol. They even accepted Swedish crowns :-). Anyway, in a while I found an open bakery and bought some sweet stuff.

Kronborg castle

My next stop was the Kronborg castle. I bought the ticket and took two guided tours in English, one in the casemates (dungeon) and one in the castle chambers. I also went to see the chapel and fortifications around the castle.

On the way back I stopped in Roskilde to visit my friends. I did not stay long, because I had a train to catch. It was a nice relaxing trip.


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