Back to Lithuania (for a while)

June 12th, 2009 by UFO in Lithuania, Traveling

I finally found some time to write another blog entry. I wanted to make another trip before I finish my studies in Denmark, so two weeks ago me and Alina went to Lithuania together.

We flew from Copenhagen to Riga, where we stayed couple hours. We just walked around the city, but deliberately avoided the old town, because we are planning to visit it again during the summer. Then we took a bus to Vilnius. Our first action there was visiting Čili Pica, where I tasted a good meal again (really exceptional comparing to Danish „food“) :-).


The time I was there was working time, I needed to prepare for my exams and Alina was finishing her thesis. But it did not mean we could not have fun. We went to play bowling, visit the cinema (see my Caroline blog entry). We also visited Visaginas, Alina's home town, for two days. I also walked a lot around the Vilnius city centre and surroundings. You can take a look at the pictures (first few are from Riga).

I did not want to go back to Denmark so much, but I had to finish my exams.


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