Friday in Trakai

July 4th, 2009 by UFO in Lithuania

On Friday we decided to relax and visit Trakai, a small town not far from Vilnius. We took a bus and in less than 45 minutes we were there. The weather was beautiful, just the temperature could be lower. 28 degrees in shade was too much for me.

Trakai castle

The town is almost entirely surrounded by large lakes. In the northern part there is a large castle on an island. We did not go inside, but we took a boat trip around the lake. The funny thing was, that as soon as we entered the boat, it started raining heavily. Everywhere you could see sunshine, but our boat was almost the whole way under the small rain cloud :-).

Although the weather was too hot and tiring, it was a very nice spent Friday. It was the first of many trips we plan to make in the Baltic region.


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