Visit to Budapest

September 20th, 2009 by UFO in Traveling

Alina started to work in Romania not so long time ago. To see each other, we agreed to meet for a weekend on the half-way, in Budapest.

The weather there was very sunny with blue sky, so we could enjoy walking in the streets like in the summer time. We followed the same approach like in the other cities we had visited: we took a map with sight „tags“ at the information office and walked about the city to see everything important :-). We also had lunch at the Danube river. We stuffed ourselves pretty well with Goulash soup and grilled meat specialities.

Parliament n Budapest

Our hotel was in another city district, but it was relatively easy to get there by a tram and a city train. We were happy that we had a pool there we could enjoy to dive in after the long day. Generally, the hotel had been a good choice, even with considering the distance from the city centre.

On Sunday we walked in the other part of the city to see the rest of the important sights. We also did some shopping, Alina bought clothes, I bought a full backpack of wine bottles and palinka :-P.

I liked the city and I think I will return there to see more of it some day.


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