Lysá hora with RAYNET people

November 26th, 2009 by UFO in Czech Republic

On Sunday me, my co-workers and their friends went to climb on Lysá hora, the highest peak of Beskydy mountains (in Czech Republic). The weather was not so good in Ostrava, but when we reached our starting point, the small town called Ostravice, we could see an almost clear sky. The attendance of people was great: nine came, most of them on time :-).

RAYNET people and friends

It was nice to go up to the steep hill in the warm weather with Sun shining and to look around to see the landscape. On the top we could not miss to go pub there, it is some sort of tradition, or maybe, a main impulse to climb that hill. I got a beer and famous cabbage soup and after some time spent chatting we went back home.

For me the trip was a very nice opportunity to stop doing stuff to school for some time and go to nature. I have to admin I should go like this more often, because sitting in front of computer does not contain „physical training“ of any kind. Soo, maybe in February, when the semester is over… :-)


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  1. sslim Says:

    Has Ostrava good weather any time of the year? ;)

  2. UFO Says:

    Sure it does, just come and see :).

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