Timisoara and Arad

February 21st, 2010 by UFO in Traveling

The stay of Alina in Romania is coming to an end soon. That is why I went to visit her there one more time. We agreed to meet in Sintana, a small town Alina lives in. From there we went to Timisoara for the weekend. We also walked in the city and went to see the Avatar movie there. I really liked the story and 3D effects were stunning, sometimes too much for my stomach :-).

Victory Square with The Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral

We also enjoyed the spa facility in the hotel, it was very relaxing to be in saunas and jacuzzi :-P. On the last day we traveled from Timisoara to Arad to have a dinner and wait for our trains home.

City hall of Arad

Train home had delay, like always. I missed my change in Budapest by ten minutes, so I waited for McDonald's to open and then had a long breafast there. It was much better than waiting in the cold train station. After four hours I could finally take my train home :-).