London Trip

April 23rd, 2010 by UFO in Traveling

Me and my friends from Ostrava had plans to visit London for a couple of days. Everything was planned since September and everything was going well. We started our journey by train from Ostrava to Prague, from where we were supposed to continue by plane. However, after ten minutes in the train a friend, that had organized accommodation at his place, called he had been able to depart from Bratislava because of Volcano on Iceland. We started to check the news and our excitement about visiting London faded quickly away.

Friends going to London with me: Iveta, Lukáš and Xyron

In the airport there was a lot of cancelled flights, but ours was without any information. An idea to ask questions at the information desk had at least other fifty people, so we rather sat at McDonald's and got a menu :-). Just two hours before the departure the flight was cancelled.

With sadness we went to take a train home, where we consumed another menu (this time bought at Burger King :-D) and two bottles of vodka. In the end we finished the bitter experience in the local pub.


At the time of writing I am glad we did not depart, because we would have been stuck there for much longer time than we were supposed to. Our real London trip was re-scheduled to the middle of August, I am looking forward to it.

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