On my way to Lithuania

June 6th, 2010 by UFO in Lithuania, Traveling

Right after finishing the meeting with my former classmates and a very short sleep I started my journey to Vilnius. First I had to take train to Warsaw, where I then had almost five hours to change to a Simple Express bus.

I used the shoping centre next to the central train station as a temporary shelter and got a lunch. Then, to shorten my waiting, I wanted to fin wireless and sit somewhere with laptop. I had no idea, what was going on, but in the whole shopping centre I could not get to free internet anywhere, not even in McDonald's, KFC and several other places :-(. When I finally gave up, I went to walk aroung to take some pictures.

Warszawa city centre next to the train station

In the evening I took a bus and left Warsaw. The rest of the journey went quite smoothly, because I managed to sleep it though :-).


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