Stroll to the Belmontas Mill

June 30th, 2010 by UFO in Lithuania, Traveling

The last days' weather in Vilnius is very hot. During the day it is very hard to stay outside for a longer period of time. Since sitting in the apartment for the whole day is very daunting, we decided to take an evening walk to the nearby Belmontas mill and have a beer in the restaurant there (that is always a good motivation, isn't it? :-D).

We went on foot from our home and after an hour we reached our destination. The mill was very nice, I really liked that place. The food and beer were very good too.

The Belmontas mill

Our plan of going home was to take a bus, that would take us closer to home, but in the end we missed all of the buses (by a few minutes) and had to also walk back on foot. Fortunately there was another route and our evening walk changed to a nice 12 km stroll.


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