Sunset in Olbramice

April 5th, 2011 by UFO in Czech Republic

Less than two months ago, my parents moved to the village of Olbramice, 20km of Ostrava. Since I have not god my own apartment yet, I moved too. And yesterday, I had a great opportunity to take pictures of a beautiful sunset and a rainbow at the same time there. Enjoy the pictures.


Vacations in Warsaw and Vilnius

April 5th, 2011 by UFO in Lithuania, Traveling

I am quite busy lately and can't get to write anything here. Now I reserved some time to catch up and post some info with pictures from vacations.

Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw

The first vacation was just a weekend in Warsaw in the beginning of February. We met with Alina there, because it is a good meeting point for us, just in the middle between Ostrava and Vilnius ;-). The program for the weekend was to relax and also to see any museum we missed last time we had been there.

Copernicus Science Centre is a relatively new exposition not far from the Warsaw city centre. The thing of being new had an unpleasant sideeffect – the looong queues. On the first day we came there, saw the queue and left. On the second day we were prepared and armed (with hot tea and sandwiches :-D) and endured over two hours in the queue, despite signs saying otherwise (see pictures). Inside there were lot of gadgets and toys to play with, although many of them did not sustain the flow of people and broke down. I'd like to see it again when the hype wears off and it is not so crowded. More of the exposition is also going to be open this spring, so it is a good opportunity to return. Comparing to the Universum in Bremen I favour the Universum, because the exposition was better organised, it made sense. In Warsaw, it looked more like chaotically placed together. Maybe it is just an impression because of the big crowd we saw there.

The vacation in Vilnius was a „real one“, the whole week free. Although I had some work to do, I tried to have a good time. Alina pushed me to go to the Impuls sport centre on every weekday, so I did not just lie in bed and sleep :-). It was very nice there, after some workout a large choice of saunas, jacuzzi, water massage or swimming.

One evening we also bought a discount meal in a recently open Sushi place. It was only my second encounter with sushi, so I really cannot compare the quality, but since we had to wait two and half hours to get the meal, it did not really matter, because at that time I was so starving I could eat anything.

My „traditional“ picture from the Šilo bridge

After the sushi dinner we ended up in the Skybar of the Radisson Blu hotel. The view was magnificent, the prices better than I would have expected from such place. I even tried the „Lithuanian flag“ shot, which looked good, but the taste was an interesting mixture, that glued my mouth: yellow – Suktinis (strong mead), green – melon liquor and red – grenadine.

The vacation was nice, but although longer, it went away so fast…

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