Graduation ceremony

June 30th, 2011 by UFO in Czech Republic, Other

As I wrote before, I had finished my thesis and passed the state exam. Today it was the graduation ceremony, the final moment of my studies.

Before it began we went through a quick training session, in which they taught us, where to walk, what to do and all the stuff needed for the ceremony. Then they put caps and robes on us and the „real thing“ started.

Me and my classmates

The ceremony certainly had its pomp and was a decent way, how to say goodbye to the students that spent many years and went through all fun, hard work and trouble connected with the studies. I think we all enjoyed it and felt relieved we had made it that far.


Vacation in Sweden – part 1 of 3

June 28th, 2011 by UFO in Traveling

Finally I have got some time to write about the vacation that I had in the end of May. Me and Alina planned to meet in Nyköping, Sweden and then explore the capital of Stockholm and city of Uppsala. Everything in eight days including travelling.

Enlarge map

The first day was almost entirely reserved to travelling. I started my journey at 2:30 in the morning by train to Warsaw, where I had my flight to Nykoping. The Wizzair flight was short and I even managed to catch some sleep, despite the amount of advertisement served. When I landed, I took a bus to the city and found the hostel. The procedure of accommodation was adventurous: nobody was at the reception, so I called the service number. The woman told me: „Do you see the keypad?“ – „Yes, I do“, I replied. – „Type the XXXX and enter the room“. When I entered the room, I got similar set of instructions beginning with „Do you see the safe on the wall?“ :-). That was how I got the room key. The beddings were not provided so I called the number again, getting the response „Do you see the locker in the hallway?“ :-D. Nicely done.

I went for a walk to the city to take some pictures and find something to eat. I did not have to search long and McDonald's came to my path. First big meal of the day. Alina arrived quite late in the evening and since it was quite chilly outside, we decided to go to sleep and start exploring on the following day.

Harbour in Nyköping

Next morning we visited the city centre and took a train to Stockholm, where we immediately bought Stockholm card that entitled us to use public transport and enter almost any museum for free :-P. We started in the Museum of History and continued to the Vasa Museum where the large wooden warship Vasa is preserved. From there we went to the Junibacken children's museum, which is the museum devoted mostly to Astrid Lindgren and her famous fairy tales. Inside the museum there was a train ride through a fairy tale land, which was really spectacular (no photographs allowed though).

Our first night in Stockholm we spent in Best Hostel Old Town, which was in a very good spot and quite cosy, considering we were in eight-bed room.

To be continued…


My school days are over

June 23rd, 2011 by UFO in Czech Republic

After 19 years of school attendance it is finally over. Yesterday I have defended my thesis, passed the state exam and thus have become an engineer of information systems. The last weeks, when I was studying and stuffing all kinds of information to my head, were tough, but paid off. Thanks and best regards to all the people that had to survive the time with me ;-).

I still have not fully realized what I have done and accomplished, but it will probably come to my mind when I catch up on the sleep deficiency I have got now :-).