Vacation in Sweden – part 3 of 3

August 24th, 2011 by UFO in Traveling

After sleeping in the smallest hostel room I've ever seen, we went to explore Uppsala. Our first stop was on the outskirts of the city in the village of Gamla Uppsala with its old church and royal mounds. It made a nice place for the morning walk. We also ran through the museum there, but we had not much time, because we decided to see a lot of sights in Uppsala.

Returning to the city, first we went to the house and botanical garden of Carl von Linné and continued through the museum of evolution to the tropical greenhouse with many wonderful and sometimes poisonous plants :-).

When we had enough of Uppsala, we took a train back to Stockholm, where we went to see the museums, we have not seen before. The all museums were together in the same area, so it was comfortable to see them all. The first was the Maritime museum where many nice ship models were shown in exposition. Next one was the museum of sport, where we tried our strength, reflexes and balance. Police museum was closed due to fire alarm, so we moved to the next one, the museum of science with its 4d cinema. It was a lot of fun, being punched and sprayed with water by the cinema chair :-D.

Me and Old Uppsala mounds

After visiting all the museums in the area, we went to Skansen again. This time, it was fully open. We saw the marvelous shops and workshops and also the animals in the zoo, which is part of the Skansen. We stayed in Skansen until the evening and then went to the hostel.

On the second day we woke up late and headed for the boat that took us to the town of Vaxholm. We marched through the town centre very quickly and took a ferry to the Vaxholm fortress, where we visited another museum focused on the Swedish fortifications.

Back in Stockholm we had the last evening in front of us. We decided to thrill ourselves in the amusement park, the Grona Lund. It was not worth to buy a whole-day ticket, so we picked the roller-coasters and a haunted house and bought tickets just for them. The roller-coasters were thrilling, I enjoyed them a lot. The haunted house was a unique experience. Instead of being in the carriage riding in the house, this one was special – you have to walk through it. Everywhere is dark and from time to time a zombie jumps on you :-).

We took one of the last buses from Stockholm to Nykoping airport and slept in the hotel there. In the morning I flew to Warsaw and went home by train, Alina went straight to Vilnius.


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