Running my first race

November 1st, 2011 by UFO in Czech Republic, Health

It was no more than two months ago I started with running. The beginnings were hard, I felt winded after several hundred metres, but with time I got more used to it and could cope with longer distances. My colleague from work, Vojta, talked me into signing up for a quarter marathon in Ostrava. The distance 10 548 metres was a big challenge for me, mostly because I had never run so long track before.

On the race day (last Friday) I felt ready. My target was simply to finish it, I did not care about time, just about beating the distance. The track was set up on the main street in Poruba, which was closed to traffic due to this event. Almost six and half laps on the almost flat tarmac seemed scary from the starting line, but I was in a good mood.

First two laps were hard. At first I had trouble maintaining my pace, it is quite easy to chase someone faster, but to endure and not burn out while doing that, that is another chapter :). From the third lap I found my comfortable pace (although the meaning of „comfort“ was very shifted here). In my last lap I was almost alone on the track, but I felt some surplus of strength and ran faster a little, ending with exhausting finish with heart-rate near 190 (word comfort did not apply any more :-D). I finished with time 1:02:40, which was far beyond my expectations. I was very happy about that, because my guess was about 1:20:00. I got a diploma and a participant's medal and went home.

The race was really a unique experience for me, the atmosphere was just great. For sure it was not my last one.

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