I beat the half marathon distance

May 16th, 2012 by UFO in Health

Last Friday I went for a run. It was quite hot, so I took a camelbag full of water and some protein bar to serve as emergency supply of energy. I planned to go to the river and then decide, what to do next, depending on the feeling. I felt quite well, so I decided to try a 20km route I had planned before, with the possiblity of breaking the 21.1km that I had been dreaming of for a long time.

After approx 15km I got lost a bit in Vrablovec and could not find the right turn that would lead me home. Actually, I was looking for the turn so long, that after a while I appeared in the town of Hlučín (that means like +5km to get home). I was not so happy about it, but kept running.

After two hours of it started to get harder and harder. I definitely underestimated nutrition and have to be more prepared and careful next time. At the time 2:30 I could not run further and had to walk the rest of the way home (at crawling pace :-D).

I am glad I made it that far. For me it was my personal qualification to the half marathon in Olomouc, which is going to take place on June 23, 2012. I am looking forward to the challenge.


Vacation in the Eagle Mountains (Orlické hory)

May 15th, 2012 by UFO in Czech Republic, Traveling

This year I finally had the opportunity to attend the annual trip to the town of Říčky in the Eagle Mountains, Czech Republic. In the past years I could not go because of exams. Now, since I do not attend the university any more, I was glad to go again.

Since the state holiday on May 8 was Thursday, I took a vacation on Monday and could enjoy four whole days of cycling in the mountains. We came to Říčky on Friday afternoon. I immediately went running to the surrounding trails. It was tough, the terrain was the exact opposite of flat (but what could I expect in the mountains :-D).

On the „day 1“ the weather was excellent, we used the situation and went to the path on a ridge, from where we could enjoy the magnificent views.

Next day is was cold in the morning, but clouds started to tear apart and the Sun was shining again. The trip was supposed to be shorter than it had been the day before, but since the weather improved, it was the longest journey during our stay (see attached maps).

On the third day we put our stuff to the cars and went to the area of Broumov. The hills were pretty steep there, especially the one right at the start. It would be much more pleasant if the weather were not so cold (like 10 degrees all day). I was shivering through the most of the day :-/.

Fourth, and the last, day was easy and relaxing one. We went to Neratov to see a nicely reconstructed church and then straight back, so we could pack our things and head home.


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