CQRS Workshop in London

July 13th, 2012 by UFO in Tech, Traveling

Time has finally come and I set off for a journey to London to attend the workshop about Domain Events, Event Sourcing and applying Domain-Driven Design (DDD) taught by the famous Greg Young. I had been looking forward to it very much.

The workshop took place from July 9th till July 11th, but due to the distance I had to dedicate two more days just for traveling. The journey went very smoothly, just Czech Railways did not surprise and one quarter of the way had to be done by bus because of track maintenance or something. So the final chain of means of transport was just

Bus → Train → Bus → Bus → Plane → Bus

and there I was :-). I found the hotel without any problems and checked in. Without anything to do for the evening, I decided to take a short walk. Seven kilometres and almost three hours later (including a dinner at McDonald's and a pint of ale just before I had reached the hotel) I was back and being exhausted dropped to bed. I needed to rest, the next three days were supposed to be packed with new information.

The Big Ben

Day 1

To get to the workshop, I had to take a half of the Circle Line (like 30 minutes ride). It seemed inefficient at first, but when I asked, how to do it better, people told me I made the right choice, because there were no changes and the trains were not so packed. I could even sit down!

The workshop itself was pretty intensive. The pace and amount of information received was unlike any other lecture I had ever attended. I wish any of the lectures at the university looked like that, maybe I would be sleeping on desks all the time :-). While going back to the hotel I could not stop my mind from constantly crunching and evaluating the new knowledge. To keep myself busy in other ways, I did some shopping and tried another kind of ale, which made me go to sleep quite early.

Day 2

To go to the place where the workshop took place was very adventurous. At first, I waited for a Cicle Line for over ten minutes and no train arrived. I said to myself that it did not matter and I would take a Victoria Line and change at King's Cross, it even seemed faster. However, they closed the King's Cross station just when I arrived there. It was really a „shortcut“ then, because I had to make two more changes to end up where I wanted to be in the first place (but half hour later).

The course was even more intensive than on the first day, my head was totally full after that :-). All I did on the way to the hotel, except trying other kinds of English ales, was to think about all the questions that had popped in my head. I also thought about going running, but I had to reconsider it because of heavy raining. I was really glad I have bought an umbrella :-).

Lecture room at Skills Matter training centre

Day 3

The last day of the workshop was the day when all bits of pieces should fit together and bring revelation: „Aaah, this is how it is done!“ I must say, it happened to some extent. Lots of issues I had been solving started to seem clear to me, but also lots of new questions appeared. Many of them were promptly answered by Greg, but I think time will show (I mean the near future), whether I comprehended the topics enough or not.

In the evening I also attended the Greg's talk about Test Driven Design (TDD) and half of the session of Scala Users Group, both of which were very interesting.

The journey home was smooth, I had a lot of time between changes I did not have to hurry. I shortened the waiting by reading Crime and Punishment and was looking forward to the next day when I would go to work and try to apply all the knowledge I accumulated for the past couple of days.