Another week in Odense

February 25th, 2009 by UFO in Denmark, Traveling

After being ill the whole last week, I could again start enjoying my stay here instead lying in bed. On Monday my friends had a task to get some material for the school project. Destination: Kaltenkirchen near Hamburg, Germany. I do not have any lectures on Monday, so I decided to join them. When we picked up the stuff, we headed to the shopping centre near Flensburg. We stayed there for quite a long time, because everything was so cheap (comparing to Denmark) :-D.

On Tuesday we had a pool competition. I was in a team with my Italian friend Alessio. Unfortunately, we did not made it to finals, maybe we will have better luck next time :-).


Danish heath care system

February 16th, 2009 by UFO in Denmark

Since Thursday I have had problems with my throat without any improvement over the past days. Today I made a decision to visit a doctor. The lægehuset (clinic) is very close to my dormitory, but I took a bike anyway. The weather today is bad even for Denmark: fog and steady raining.

After registration and hour and half waiting, I went to the doctor's office. She examined my throat and sent me back to the waiting room to wait for the nurse. Another twenty minutes waiting the nurse called me in. She took some samples from my throat and blood for my finger and sent me back to the waiting room again. In less then half hour the doctor called me again. As I sat down in the office, she said to me, that the bacteria in my throat was resistant to antibiotics and I should go home and lie to bed. Hmm, goodbye, thanks. No medicine, nothing. I should have probably stayed in bed…

Visit of my friends

February 16th, 2009 by UFO in Denmark, Traveling

My friends Kuba, Kate, Peter and Marta decided to come here for a weekend to visit me. Unfortunately, Marta got sick, just a day before they were supposed to go, and stayed at home :-(.

The others started travelling on Friday early morning. After approximately ten hours they were here, quite quick. They were all quite tired, so we did not do anything „difficult“, just playing table football, pool and drinking gira and beer :-). We also could not omit to go to the larmer bar (in the basement of our dormitory).

Next day the weather was exceptional. Blue sky and Sun, it was sooo strange ;-). After we got up, we picked up Jenda and went all together to Copenhagen. On the way we needed to pass the Great Belt Bridge. It was magnificent and also really expensive, one way costed 215 kr. In Copenhagen we firstly walked through the centre, then we headed towards the Little Mermaid.

The Great Belt Bridge

After seeing this famous statue we walked back to the car parked in the city centre. On the way we ate lunch/dinner in the worst McDonald's I have ever seen. Not mentioning the mess everywhere, they worked really slow, we waited for almost fifteen minutes to get the food. Plus, at first they did not have coffee. Then, they had coffee, but no sugar and no milk :-). Really good standards there :-). In the evening we again played table football and also visited Larmer to try the „delicious“ Odense pilsner :-).

Today the weather changed back to normal – overcast, snowing and everything wet. We just went to see the city centre of Odense, but on Sunday it is completely dead, except some Danes drinking beer in the alleys.

I appreciate that they came here. I thank them for the visit and hope that enjoyed it here.


Trip to Nyborg

January 27th, 2009 by UFO in Denmark, Traveling

Today after waking up I told myself that it is time to do something else than lying in bed. That lead to an idea, go to visit the city of Nyborg. It is very close, approximately 15 minutes by train. When I arrived there, I headed towards the beach. The weather was very nice today, the temperature was around zero and sometimes I could see the Sun :-).

The Great Belt Bridge

After I enjoyed walking on the sandy beach, I went to the city centre. It is really small, just two or three shopping streets and a small castle. When I got tired of walking, I headed back to the train station. I was very lucky to catch the train. It had two minutes delay. Without that, I would have to wait another half and hour. The train brought me safely back to Odense. I think the trip was successful (and a really good idea :-D).


My exams are finally over

January 22nd, 2009 by UFO in Denmark

Today I successfully passed my last exam this semester. I can enjoy peaceful holiday now :-). Or maybe not so peaceful, considering the amount of paperwork I should do as an Erasmus student. Hopefully I will not spend all the time in Danish administration system (as I usually do :D).

Visit to Roskilde

January 20th, 2009 by UFO in Denmark, Traveling

This weekend I had nothing to do (except learning for exams of course), so I decided to travel to Roskilde and pay a visit to my friends there. I could not choose the better time to do so. The semester is almost over and lot of people are going to leave and lot of goodbye parties take place. And Roskilde was not an exception :-).

The RUC „main street“ towards the Korallen dormitory

During my stay there I met a lot of old friends and also a lot of new people. The parties were really nice (and quite crazy :D), it was very relaxed weekend for me. But now the fun must go aside, because I should start to learn for my last exam on Thursday. Wish me luck.


Odense in “winter”

January 9th, 2009 by UFO in Denmark

Today I had nothing to except learning so I decided to walk to the shop instead of riding a bike. It was an opportunity to test my Christmas present, a new camera. The weather is exceptional for Denmark (read „no rain“). It is quite warm, every piece of snow has melted, so in the pictures you can see typical Danish winter.

Park near our dormitory


Here I am, on the road again

January 3rd, 2009 by UFO in Denmark, Traveling

After spending marvelous Christmas with my family and „exhausting“ new year celebration I have to leave Ostrava and head back to Odense.

Main street in Ostrava-Poruba at night :-)

My journey is starting tomorrow at 5.36 in the morning. I am taking my chances (or let's say, lottery) with Czech Railways. After my expected arrival to the airport I have got only 35 minutes to check-in. Please cross your fingers for me :-).

Update 4.1.:

The journey was more or less as expected. Czech Railways surprised with only 10 minutes delay and the Sky Europe flight was on time too. Only annoying thing was my suitcase. On my last flight home it was a little bit trashed in a way that I could not use the handle. Of course I found it out just before leaving my place. It was very „funny“ to drag it through the entire centre of Odense, especially during heavy snowing that is very unlikely here.

The impossible – Snow in Odense

The snowy football field and rooftops are nice to look at, but I hope it will melt till tomorrow, because I need to ride a bike to the shop :-).

Home sweet home

December 24th, 2008 by UFO in Denmark, Traveling

Yesterday at 9 o'clock I began my journey home with a train to Copenhagen central station. There I changed to the airport train and met my Slovakian friend Lucia and her brother. When we came to the airport and I saw the check-in queue, my first reaction was „WTF?“. They just served four flights at one counter. While I was waiting in the queue, I saw my neighbour Inese in the café. Another incredible meeting. And later when I finally checked-in, I met Kuba from EILC language course. We discovered we are on the same flight and also got the seats next to each other :-D. It was really funny.

My neighbour Inese at the airport.

The funny mood went away a little bit when I did not find my baggage in Prague. I wonder when will it come, because I called to the airport today and they said they had no report from Copenhagen. But they „assured“ me that I am not the only one, total 30 baggages from my flight did not make it to Prague. Rest of the journey was pretty boring, just waiting two hours for the train and sleeping three hours inside it.

Now I am just sitting at home, watching falling snowflakes outside and finally enjoying the Christmas time :-).

Christmas are coming

December 15th, 2008 by UFO in Denmark

Hurray, today I passed my English exam. I got 10 on the „strange“ Danish grade scale (from the best to worst mark it is 12, 10, 7, 4, 02, 00, –3 :-D), so something like B in the ECTS. It was the last thing this year, now I can start to notice that Christmas are coming.

Both of the main pedestrian zones here in Odense are nicely lit by thousands of lights, shops are open even on Sunday and people are like crazy :-). This year I have to buy presents here, because I am going home on 23th of December. I think I will buy something typical Danish. Considering the prices here, I hope my wallet will not be completely empty after this.