Hot Dog Bush

September 16th, 2008 by UFO in Fun stuff

My friend send me this game today. You are playing George Bush, who was kicked out from the White House and opened a hot-dog stand :-). Can you be the best seller?

For me it was fun to play it, although it was very hard in the end.


Danske Bank S01E03

September 16th, 2008 by UFO in Denmark

Yes, the series continues!! Now with even more thrilling story…

I finally found the papers from the bank in my mailbox yesterday. It contained covering letter, two copies of the contract and large user guide, everything completely in Danish (ja, selvfølgelig). I took the contracts and rode to the danske bank branch in the centre of Odense. I showed the contracts to the clerk, she read through, just as she saw something like it for the first time, and told me, where should I sign it. So far, so good.

After I signed it, it happened something, I would not have expected in my worst nightmare. She said to me that I should send the papers to them by post (WTF!!? #4). I had to catch my breath, because that was simply too much for me. When I told her, that I am really angry about all of this, she replied that she would send it by herself. Fine, at least something good.

Now I am really curious about what will happen next. Everything should arrive by post (how else), so I will be waiting. I have to take it as a training of my skills for dealing with bureaucracy.

Cottage trip

September 15th, 2008 by UFO in Denmark

Erasmus student network organizes several trips for the exchange students during the semester. First of them was the cottage trip.

On Sunday morning we traveled by two buses (approx. 90 people) to the town Dalby situated in the northern part of Fyn. We stayed in the Dalby high school building. After we unpacked our things, there was a competition prepared for us. We had to walk through the 7 km long track and stop on marked checkpoints to do some action. Actions involved:

  • Beer relay: run to the can, run 10 times around the can, drink the can (and earn extra „respect points“ if you drink everything), run back.
  • Playing football almost blindfolded with perfored plastic cups (see photos).
  • Making the longest chain from our clothes. This was pretty tough in temperature below 15 degrees and strong wind. I really felt like an icecube.
  • Jumping through the prepared track with both legs inside a garbage bag.
  • And some other…

Example of Danish nature

When we finished the competition, we were really frozen and exhausted. Fortunately the dinner was ready for us very soon. After the dinner we had a party „till you drop“ with cheap beer and drinks.

The trip was well organized, I really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to the next one. Now I need to catch up my lack of sleep…


The day in Roskilde

September 12th, 2008 by UFO in Denmark

Yesteday I went to Roskilde to visit my friends and to take a bike I had left there. I had some minor problems with the travelling. When I changed the train at Roskilde station, they cancelled its next two stops (yes, they did). I just saw the university passing by. When I finally arrived to Høje Taastrup, I went to the ticket office and talked to the guy there. He wrote some magic Danish words on my ticket and I could go back to the right station without buying another ticket.

My journey was about one hour longer, but I came at the right time, there was some kind of party in the RUC campus, so I immediately took part of it.

My precious piece of scrap metal

On the next day I hardly got up and rode my bike to Roskilde, where I took the train back to Odense. I liked that trip and I think I will probably go there again some day.

Facing the Danish institutions

September 10th, 2008 by UFO in Denmark

When you will face the danish institutions, you have to be well prepared for that. It is very easy to snap, lose your sanity and become institutionalized :-).


  1. Odense Kommune – I arrived there just before the opening hours (10.00). I was very lucky, because I was among the first people that got served. So in approximately twenty minutes, after I filled in some forms, I got my CPR number.
  2. Police station – I tried to report a stolen bike, but in Denmark, if you don't have some bike registration number, you can't even write a police report.
  3. Jobcenter Odense – This is the place I was supposed to registred for the Danish language school. Opening hours of the office are very unfriendly: Tuesday 10–12 and Thursday 15–17. Fortunately I was quick enough to fit into this small time frame. I signed some paper and received a payslip for 500 kr.
  4. Post office – No problem there, just 15 kr. fee for sending the money seems too much for me.
  5. Danske Bank – The bank is usually open from 10.00 to 16.00. I arrived there at 12.40. After I waited a while in a queue, I told the woman at the desk that I would like to open a new bank account. She replied that it was too late to do all the paperwork (WTF? #1) on that day and I should come on the next day to sign the papers. When I asked about the account for the young people from 18 to 27 years, she didn't even know that they provide such service (WTF? #2). I was tired and didn't want to argue about it, so I went home.


Danske Bank (second try) – Today in the bank there was no queue. I asked, whether the papers was ready. The woman at the desk was very confused and seached almost the entire office for them. After a while she said „one moment“ and disappeared for almost ten minutes. When she came back, she said to me that they had sent the papers to me by mail (WTF?! #3).

Now I am seriously considering to tear the papers (as soon as they arrive) to pieces and go try my luck to another bank.

I got my residence permit

September 8th, 2008 by UFO in Denmark

Finally, my residence permit has arrived. Tomorrow I will face the Danish bureaucracy in order to get my CPR number. Then I will go to the police station to report my stolen bike, so tomorrow is going to be very busy day for me. Wish me luck…

Photos from Odense centre

September 7th, 2008 by UFO in Denmark

Yesterday afternoon we went for a little stroll to the centre of Odense. I took many pictures that you can find in the gallery.



September 7th, 2008 by UFO in Denmark

Today in the night somebody stole my precious bike. So now I don't have any mean of transport except my feet. I really regret the large amount of money I have invested to repair and equip it. Now I have got a headlight, taillight and computer totaly useless. Oh, maybe not so useless, the lights can come really handy for the christmas tree. Tomorrow or on Monday I will go to the police station, even if I know it won't have any effect, but it is at least something I can do.

Trouble with Finnair

September 2nd, 2008 by UFO in Traveling

In the middle of October I am going to pay a visit to my friend Pavel to Lappeenranta, Finland. Yesterday I tried to book and pay for the flight tickets from Copenhagen to Helsinki on the Finnair's site. Everything seemed fine, but after a while I received both email and sms that my credit card payment cannot be processed and I should contact Finnair help desk or my reservation will be automatically cancelled in 24 hours.

I didn't want to call there, so I waited a day and tried again today. Again at first it seemed fine, no sms or no email with description of faliure. But after several minutes, I was in the exact position as I was yesterday. So I said to myself I would call the help desk.

I bought, for the first time, a €10 skype credit (with a credit card Finnair wasn't able to accept :-D) and made a call. After approximately three minutes long talk with some Finnish woman I finally achieved something… to cancel my reservation.

I was really pi**ed off, so I decided to try it another way, through Czech company „Královna“. Under five minutes I had my ticket, booked and paid for. The price was a little bit higher (+€5), but at least it was without any problems.

Now I am only looking forward to this trip.


August 31st, 2008 by UFO in Denmark

This weekend I'm just relaxing end enjoying to explore my new neighbourhood. There is the Odense zoo nearby, so I took a bike and rode there.

The zoo looks very natural, there are lot of trees everywhere and very few cages (except for the animals like tigers and such). The things I like the most are:

  • Large aviary with tropical birds and large parrots.
  • West Indian Manatees (or „Sea cows“) – just see the photo gallery and you will know, why they are called like that.
  • The penguins :-).

Penguin fascinated by all the people behind the glass.

The penguins was the best animals for me, they looked really cute. After I came back home I took something to eat and headed to the park, because some Lithuanians had a barbecue there. In fact, sitting in a park and having barbecue on a one-time-use-grill is a typical Danish leisure activity. For me, it was another well-spent afternoon in Denmark.