On my way to Lithuania

June 6th, 2010 by UFO in Lithuania, Traveling

Right after finishing the meeting with my former classmates and a very short sleep I started my journey to Vilnius. First I had to take train to Warsaw, where I then had almost five hours to change to a Simple Express bus.

I used the shoping centre next to the central train station as a temporary shelter and got a lunch. Then, to shorten my waiting, I wanted to fin wireless and sit somewhere with laptop. I had no idea, what was going on, but in the whole shopping centre I could not get to free internet anywhere, not even in McDonald's, KFC and several other places :-(. When I finally gave up, I went to walk aroung to take some pictures.

Warszawa city centre next to the train station

In the evening I took a bus and left Warsaw. The rest of the journey went quite smoothly, because I managed to sleep it though :-).


Foggy neighbourhood and a new office space at RAYNET

June 6th, 2010 by UFO in Czech Republic

One day, during my walk to work I took a camera with me, because I wanted to make my „classic“ picture of benches in front of my house. The weather was very foggy and as you can see from the picture, it could be classified as a spring version of the same place (after autumn and winter).



In the company where I work, RAYNET, we have recently expanded our office space and as I had the camera with me, it took me just a while to document everything. See it for yourself :-).

My current working place – RAYNET s.r.o. offices


After five years

June 2nd, 2010 by UFO in Czech Republic

It seems not so long ago, but it has been five years since I graduated from high school. So last Friday we had a meeting in Ostrava. I saw a lot of people I have not seen for a long time, we talked, drank beer and had fun :-).

My classmates

Unfortunately I had to leave „early“ (at 2 o'clock), because I had to take train in the morning. Waking up was very hard, but it was very much worth it. I am looking forward to the next meeting next year.


My studies are almost over

May 21st, 2010 by UFO in Czech Republic

Yesterday I attended my last exam in the university. I still do not know if I passed it, but I believe so. Next year I will „just“ have to write my diploma thesis and pahss the state exams to get the academic title.

Today I returned my dorm room. It took a lot of cleaning effort, but in the end the cleaning lady, who was checking the room, was surprised that she did not have to shout at me :-D.

Soon I will be on my way home. I should probably feel relaxed, but after one month of non-stop projects, work and exams I still do not realize it is over and I can rest now.

UPDATE: I got the results, I passed the last one. Now it is time to celebrate :-).

Barbecue at Kuba’s place

April 25th, 2010 by UFO in Czech Republic

On Saturday my friend Kuba invited me to the barbecue that was taking place at his home. It was a very nice evening, I saw a lot of people that I have not for some time, eat tasty meat, drank some wine and Romanian spirit and just had fun.


Vilnius instead of London

April 25th, 2010 by UFO in Lithuania, Traveling

Considering our unsuccessful trip to London that ended in a pub in Ostrava I bought the ticket to Vilnius, Lithuania to go to see Alina. Travelling there was not so funny from the beginning, because I still felt a little wasted from the last night, but I managed to overcome it.

Castle Street in the Vilnius city centre

It was very nice to be in Vilnius again, I really like the city. The weather was nice and we were mostly walking in the streets and enjoying. I also had to try as much as possible from the Lithuanian cuisine, so food during my stay was mainly provided by the Čili restaurant chain :-).

Banks of the Neris river

I regret I was there for such a sort time, I hope I will return there as soon as possible. But first I have to finish my school projects and exams :-(.


London Trip

April 23rd, 2010 by UFO in Traveling

Me and my friends from Ostrava had plans to visit London for a couple of days. Everything was planned since September and everything was going well. We started our journey by train from Ostrava to Prague, from where we were supposed to continue by plane. However, after ten minutes in the train a friend, that had organized accommodation at his place, called he had been able to depart from Bratislava because of Volcano on Iceland. We started to check the news and our excitement about visiting London faded quickly away.

Friends going to London with me: Iveta, Lukáš and Xyron

In the airport there was a lot of cancelled flights, but ours was without any information. An idea to ask questions at the information desk had at least other fifty people, so we rather sat at McDonald's and got a menu :-). Just two hours before the departure the flight was cancelled.

With sadness we went to take a train home, where we consumed another menu (this time bought at Burger King :-D) and two bottles of vodka. In the end we finished the bitter experience in the local pub.


At the time of writing I am glad we did not depart, because we would have been stuck there for much longer time than we were supposed to. Our real London trip was re-scheduled to the middle of August, I am looking forward to it.

Overnight stay in Vienna

April 7th, 2010 by UFO in Traveling

Alina was leaving Romania in the end of March and since she had 18 hours to change flight in Vienna, I came to visit her there. We strolled around the city, saw the important sights and took pictures.

Me and the elephant in the Museum Quarter

In the evening we went for a dinner, I got a Wienerschitzel :-P. It had the size of a big plate, they had to serve potato salad next to it, because it would not fit there. It was sooo delicious.

Next day Alina took her bus to the airport and I wandered and waited for mine.


Small photo session at my faculty

March 18th, 2010 by UFO in Czech Republic

During my studies in Brno I should (and I do sometimes :-)) go to faculty and attend lectures there. Sun started to shine, so I took my camera and took some pictures there.

Faculty of Information Technology

Thanks to my friends at my work I also made my first interactive panorama. See it for yourself by clicking on the link below.

Interactive panorama ->


One last time in Romania

March 16th, 2010 by UFO in Traveling

Last time I wrote I was going last time to visit Alina to Romania. But I had a free weekend, so why not to go again :-). This time we went to Arad, because it is not so complicated to get there for both of us. Of course I again had my McDonald's sessions near Budapest train station, because I had missed my train due to delay :-).

Cathedral in Arad

I liked the stay there, we had a lot of fun, visited karaoke with Alina's teacher, hitchhiked to Timisoara to see the movie Alice in Wonderland and also strolled through the city.

I think it relly was the last visit to Romania for some time, because Alina is flying home very soon.